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uv-filtrationUV filtration is a unique and effective way of killing microbes (bacteria, viruses) in water used in recreational pools and hot tubs, as well as some household tap water. Using powerful UV light, UV filtration inactivates bacteria and viruses by damaging their DNA. Not only is this method of purifying water more effective than using chemicals, it is, in the long run, more cost effective. However, these systems do require regular maintenance to ensure that the UV lamp is operating at maximum effectiveness. There are several factors that can disrupt the effectiveness of your UV filtration system, such as silt, hard water build up, or a decrease of operating temperature. As a result, your filter may not be cleaning your water as well as you’d hoped. Regular maintenance of your UV filtration system is important for your health, to ensure that the water is cleaned of any bacteria or viruses. As well as UV filtration in pools you can add onto your furnace ductwork to kill harmful bacteria and spores in your home. This is especially useful for people with allergies or weakened immune systems. You can also add electronic filters to pick up viruses, bacteria, dirt, pet dander, allergies, chemicals and pollen.

Boilers, Burners, and Beyond one of the few technician services in the Chilliwack, Abbotsford, Hope, Mission, and Langley that is capable of servicing and maintaining UV filtration systems for recreational pools and hot tubs. Since water fed into a filtration system can be heavy or carrying silt, it is important to regularly clean and service your UV filtration system. We are experienced service technicians capable of cleaning your UV filtration system. As well, we can replace UV bulbs as needed. We also ensure that all the seals are working properly, so that the UV filtration system is working at its optimal temperature of 40 degrees Celsius.

When it comes to filtering water for your recreational pool and hot tub needs, there’s no cutting corners. Boilers, Burners, and Beyond is dedicated to making sure that your UV filtration system is functioning at its optimum strength so that you can operate your pools and hot tubs worry free.

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