Chilliwack Unit Heaters Repair And Maintenance


In Chilliwack, Abbotsford, Hope, Mission, and Langley it’s chilly three quarters of the year. This is why in any industrial, commercial, or recreational building it is important to have a proper, functioning heating system. Boilers, Burners, and Beyond is a highly skilled and experienced servicer of any kind of unit heater, whether it be gas, electric, oil, or hot water. Unit heaters are single room heaters installed onto the ceiling or wall of the room it is heating, and are typically cost effective to run. If your unit heater is need of maintenance, we can repair and maintain your unit heater to help it run as optimally as it can, saving you on your energy bill.

Due to the wide variety of unit heaters and tube heaters, whether it be a hanging unit in a garage or a horizontal hot water unit in an industrial building, unit heaters can be difficult to diagnose and maintain. This is why our experts are skilled in any form of system, including hot water, gas, and oil.

Almost all issues with unit heaters and tube heaters systems are preventable. Boilers, Burners, and Beyond also offers regular preventative maintenance on any style of unit and tube heating system, to ensure that your system stays at its optimal running capacity throughout the year. No surprises, means that you save money on repair bills, and your system keeps you warm at all times of the year.

If your unit heater or tube heater system is not running optimally, or you would like to change it to run on another type of fuel, Boilers, Burners, and Beyond is highly experienced and trained in refitting and reworking your entire unit heating system to operate on any type of fuel. Not only are we capable, we also ensure that your system is running at its most cost effective range.

At Boilers, Burners, and Beyond we always ensure that your unit and tube heating system is functioning the way you want it, when you want it.

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