Industrial Heating & Industrial Air Conditioning Repairs & Maintenance

Industrial systems need regular maintenance and repair. We will service, install, repair and troubleshoot industrial HVAC systems including boilers, unit heaters, make-up air systems, and air conditioners. We offer troubleshooting, maintenance, preventative maintenance, installation, and repair. As well, we conduct annual reviews on fire and water systems, as well as any HVAC system. If your boiler or heating system is not functioning efficiently enough, we also offer a redesign service, in ensure that your heating or cooling system is running cost effectively while also maintaining optimum air quality. We will also work on units that run on compressed wood pellet fuel.

In addition, we offer a 24 hour emergency line so that you can call any time of day to ensure that your emergencies are solved quickly, ensuring that your work environment is safe and problem free. Since our owner/operator is Metis, any industrial work done on an aboriginal reservation is PST exempt.


Whether you are a commercial, industrial, or recreational building, if you are heating your building with a boiler system of any kind, you know the importance of regular maintenance and upkeep.

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Unit Heaters

In Chilliwack, Abbotsford, Hope, Mission, and Langley it’s chilly three quarters of the year. This is why in any industrial, commercial, or recreational building it is important to have a proper, functioning heating system.

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Make Up Air Systems

When running a bathroom fan, chemical ventilation fan, or a range hood fan, it’s not common to think about replacing the air the fan is removing from the room.

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Air Conditioners

Whether you are operating an air conditioning system within a residential, industrial, commercial, or recreational building, it is important that your air conditioning system is working when you need it.

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