Cannabis Climate Control Systems

We'll set up any size of climate control HVAC for your grow op. From Industrial to small batch, we do everything.

HVAC for Growers

We’re experts at designing and building HVAC systems for your grow. We work with advanced control systems and modern equipment to ensure that you have a consistent climate. Our designs will deliver a maximum yield on your crop.

cannabis hvac




We understand  light specs, fan specs and building R-ratings to ensure you have a consistent, quality HVAC system to produce large crops with minimal problems. We have experience with large grow systems and know how to handle any set up.

We’ll make sure you have the right system to deal with the heat of your lights and your climate. We can even set up advanced features like the ability to monitor and control remotely from almost any device. The system can make adjustments based on outside temperature and moisture.

We design HVAC that can handle the ever-changing conditions that commercial grows produce, without sacrificing power efficiency. This focus on lowering costs will produce a higher profit for you in the long term.

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We offer financing for all customers.